Hotels in Seychelles

We stayed for 5 nights in Villas D'Or and we loved every minute of it. Since the villa's were all booked, they gave us the two double bedroom villa, which is the closest to the beach (wonderful beach: white sand, clear blue water).


The villas are separated from the beach only by palms and bushes - a great place to go for a swim before breakfast. You can stroll along the beach to the "city centre" for dinner or enjoy your meal on the lovely veranda of your villa.


Villas D'or is a relaxing place to stay for families or couples who want a little peace and quiet. Cute spacious and luxurious villas with plenty of seating areas are perfect for enjoying self-prepared cocktails and snacks with your traveling companions

Nathan B

The villas are located in a beautiful garden setting, spaced so that you do not feel claustrophobic, in fact it is to the owners credit that they have put the interests of their clients before profit and not overdeveloped the site


We spent some great days in one of the bungalows nicely situated close to a white and sandy beach. If possible reserve one of them close to the beach. Very friendly and helpful staff, also when you want to organise a boat trip or any excursion.
Villa Dor Seychelles